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Something Fishy: A Marcus Summers Mystery

I own carp lakes and I write fiction. I’ve brought the two together in Something Fishy, my debut adult novel and first book in the Marcus Summers Mystery series. You’ll like Marcus - he’s fun but he’s flawed, and much more successful with fish than with women. I’m pretty sure that anglers reading the story will recognise the enthusiasm and camaraderie you find amongst fishermen, and at least some of the events I portray. Non-anglers, don’t be put off. You don’t have to know one end of a fish from the other in order to enjoy the story. And who knows, maybe you’ll be tempted to pick up a rod and find out for yourself what this whole fishing thing is about.

I’m presenting the book as a blovel - that is a novel serialised on a blog or website. I’ll be putting up a new chapter every three days so bookmark the page and check back. Follow me on Twitter -@RorieStevens - and I’ll Tweet you whenever the next chapter up so you won’t miss it.

The book contains swearing, violence and sex, so if any or all of those offend you, then this blovel isn’t for you. It’s not recommended for anyone aged under 18 for the same reason. You have been warned.

So here goes ...

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